"Girl, why are you stubborn? Since you are a person around governor Chu, you should consider the fut Even if he fails, Zhao Feng has a way out. "Dear, come and let your husband embrace you "Coward, I insisted on the examination just now. I'm afraid this time." Chapter 7 the interior of the sea god temple Seeing the black nightmare bead in the heart of the earth, Ye Zhen's despair can be imagined. In the end, the world is not completely peaceful and prosperous. There are wars and disputes, and th Heiwa see ye Tianchen seems square inch chaos, incomparably excited to the rest of the evil men shou Finally, the stone ball, directly turned into a rock giant, directly appeared in this stratum! At last, he could only sigh: "it's a pity that I've lost sight of those poems, and I can&#39 After thinking for a few minutes, Yan Xiaobei decided to use the seal jade piece, because he had a w After King Zhou finished watching it, he felt that the sky was dark and the earth was dark. A blue dragon slowly pokes its head out of the cave, and then comes out of the cave with a little di They did not move, did not say a word, the body breath if not, actually fell into some kind of wonde For these useless strangers, Zhaoxian Pavilion also treated them with courtesy, indicating that they "Slim, take control of him. We're all neck and neck in this fight." To be precise, it will throw the target into the midgart void. At this time, an intoxicating fragrance came. Tang Yu could not help being drunk. He looked at Li Yu

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