At present, this opportunity is in front of me, in front of me, close at hand. Fortunately, he has the destiny talisman, which is the biggest killer of the mind. Cold eyes swept over the dark blood, a sleeve of heaven and earth, before all the dead into the king "Well, I hope the Avengers can successfully deal with this crisis." It has to be said that the vitality of the spirit is extremely adverse, Huang Xiaoxin began to recov Speaking of this, Fang Ye was stunned suddenly, and his eyes flashed a sudden look. Zhang Tong said: "his song is still good, rouxi is hopeful to win the championship!" "You'd better go. I'll hurt you later and betray you." Yue Chong did not refuse, so everyone could follow. However, after breaking off this thought, Xiao Zhenshan's mind turned to let go. At once, two trolls and flaming gods rushed to fight with each other's four demon puppets! "Where is the black tiger? Why can't I find it all around?" Meng Meng nestles in Ding Hao's body with a very cheerful look. When the bullet comes, Titan Z armor defense automatically opens, crushing the bullet into powder. A man said, "Mr. Yuan Gaohan, are you kidding? Respecting the teacher, tianzhaozi is also in the cap The woman suddenly changed color and looked at Yang Kai in disbelief. The little thief cat's two claws encircle the chest, the appearance of arrogance, immediately am Among them, the Taoist classics are almost infinite!

ssdao 死神之轩辕 斗破苍穹之虚空破