In Sumer's eyes, the energy mass becomes extremely pure. Chen Yuanhan believes that with the protection of Jinlong Baojia, even if ye CHENFENG's physical "Which forces have been active more frequently during this period of time?" He made more criticism on the indifference of the society and the government towards the mentally re "Bang", a clear and loud gunshot, was particularly loud in the room. "Say it, you'll feel better. I know that." "Now the investigation is not over. It's not easy to draw a conclusion." Ye Chu nodded, and tianxian'er didn't ask again. At this time, from the ground inside the br This risk is quite high, because the secret place suppresses the strong over the age of 30. But, how can't attack Li Hao whose speed and strength are much weaker than him! It seems that he is the only one among all who anticipates the power of killing the thunder at the s "I understand." Zen master Bailian nodded, and then said, "well, I'm going to reply to them." Wang Qinian once collected hundreds of evolutionary human blood samples. He was surprised to find th Ice green teeth, although unwilling, but at this time is also worried by Chen Jiu. Yang Yi said, while calling out a finger thick, two meters long Xianshu Qi. Xiao Feng has always been smiling, showing a trace of melancholy in his narrow eyes... Mainly, he wa On the contrary, it has devoured a lot of vitality and spirituality. Ye Wei arched his hand and said with a smile that, with Ge Qiu's character, it should be no prob

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