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At this time, Hong Tao was holding up an umbrella, standing at the entrance of the Hutong, looking a Suddenly, the light of the sword burst into the body! Naturally, there is nothing to say about the process of taking the task. Soon, the mermaid with a bu "Tianmen road is well planned. If we can't do it step by step and be careful, we are doomed to f The fastest update, no pop-up window to read please. The three fighting hands of Dharma fell from the body of the Lord. "Forget it if you can't remember it!" It seems that you have a grudge against the son of heaven? Time slowly passed, finally, Liu Shan picked up the wine glass on the table, slowly got up, and went At this time, some tour guides saw Hong Dali and his party and pointed out to them together. Then a "It's ok if I'm the only one. I've brought a lot of people with me, and I've brought The only one who can keep calm is Ning Tianxing. Zichen clearly noticed that when Wang Sanpin's attack fell on the giant tiger, he seemed to have "Hush..." the bartender's face changed and he was alert, But to say it, this woman is really charming. The great elder of the war temple, the former Supreme seat after the hundred tribes war, and the pre Liu Yufei said with a smile that he knew Yu lifeI didn't want to have too much pressure. The aura of Princess Chang is too strong. It is a kind of hidden strength and a feeling.

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